What Jesus Did

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There is a very popular slogan going around these days.  You've seen it.  It's on T-shirts, billboards, CD's, books, bracelets, bumper stickers, everything!  

The slogan is: "What Would Jesus Do?" (WWJD)

This may be an important question to ask, and we are to become more and more like Jesus, but first there is a question that is far more important to ask.  At least as far as eternity is concerned.  

What is the more important question??  It is:

"What Did Jesus Do?"

This question is at the heart of the gospel.  You see, my salvation and your salvation does not depend on asking, "What Would Jesus Do" but, "What Did Jesus Do?"

We are not saved by trying to imitate Christ.  As noble as that may sound, we cannot imitate Jesus enough to be acceptable to God.  He was the "God-Man".  He lived 33 SINLESS years on this earth.  No matter how hard we try, we cannot attain to that.

"What Jesus Did" was to go to a cruel Roman cross, as the only sinless human that ever lived , and offer his perfect life as a sacrifice to God, and He rose from the dead, in order to save transgressors, who were separated from God due to their sin.  His was the only act that God would accept.

And God did accept Jesus' death as a payment for sin!  Now anyone who will come to Him, believing in "What Jesus Did " can be reconciled to God and be saved!

So next time you see "WWJD?" pasted, stamped, or embroidered somewhere, remember to ask this question: "What Did Jesus Do?"  

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